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Photoshoot with Robert Charles Annis

Posted on Nov 21, 2016

Photoshoot with Robert Charles Annis

Hey folks,

Just made an awesome photoshoot with me and Natalia at Mt Hope United Methodist Church of Lansing, MI. This place is so beautiful and the sanctuary has a cute-looking baby-grand which added to our collection of pictures with the keyboards.

Class&Jazz played many concerts in Mt Hope UMC and Natalia serves there as an organist and accompanist. We are extremely grateful to the church clergy, and especially to pastor Rev. Rob Cook for his permission to make this event happen.

Our photographer Robert Charles Annis is a true artist and a master of his trade with 35+ years of business experience. Check out his website! If you need a professionally looking profile pictures of you, your group or/and your family, I am strongly recommend you to get in touch with Rob. He is a busy man, but if you could book him, you will as happy as we are right now!

And here are some of the pictures! To see these and other pitctures of ours, please go to Photos.

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