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Instrumental Duo Class&Jazz. Oleg Bezuglov (violin) Natalia Bezuglova (piano)
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Fill out the simple form and apply for your first music lesson FOR FREE with the member of Class&Jazz ensemble! You can choose between piano, violin and music theory lessons. Different rates and scheduling options are available for your choice! Apply today and get your kid enjoying the magic of classical music!

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Do you want to get a free quote on our services at your upcoming event? You can choose between Class&Jazz violin and piano duo, piano solo and string quartet options. We’ve got versatile repertoire – hundreds of titles, you can choose from your very special requests. Fill out the simple form to get started!

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Class&Jazz ensemble appreciate every response we could get from our customers. Please, leave us your feedback regarding our business. This way you help to promote classical music and assist in our effort to do our job on a highly-professional level! We are grateful to get your respectful opinion!

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